Furnival Sculling Club

Furnivall Sculling ClubRowing club based in Hammersmith, London. Established 1896

Membership & fees

Current subscription fees 

 Subscription type


 1st October 2018 –
 30 September 2019

 Full membership

 £396 *



 per annum

 per quarter

 per month

 Students / concessions / under 23 **


 per annum

 Rack rent (singles)

 £180 + full membership *

 per annum

 Social / coxes / coaches


 per annum

 Gym membership




 per annum

 per quarter

 per month



Payment dates

Subscriptions can be paid annually (due 1st October), quarterly (due 1st October, 1st January, 1st April and 1st July) or monthly (due 1st of the month). There is usually a small increase in the membership fees each year. In that case, members are kindly requested to ensure that any standing orders are amended in time for the 1st October. 


* Annual membership paid in full before 31st October will receive a 10 % discount.

** Must be under 23 on the date of their first full membership subscription payment.

New members

Annual subscriptions for new members who join after 1st October will be reduced pro-rata.

Trial period

New members with rowing experience are welcome to join in the squad activities prior to paying full membership. We welcome anyone to come and find out about how we train, row, compete and party before fully committing financially. Potential new members will be permitted up to one month’s trial period. If they decide to join the club, their subscription will be calculated starting from their first session at the club.

Temporary membership

Temporary membership for members whose stay in London is limited is available. It is usually for a minimum period of 3 months, at the discretion of the captain or membership officer.

Subscription refunds

Club subscriptions are usually considered to be non–refundable. However, in special circumstances, requests for a subscription refund can be made to the management committee for consideration.

Failure to pay subscriptions

Full members who fail to update their subscription payments will be deemed to be social members only.

Payment method

All membership subscriptions should be paid by electronic bank transfer into the club’s account. The membership officer will give you the FSC bank account details. Please include as the payment reference "SUB"+<YOURSURNAME> e.g. SUBJONES. Payment by cheque will be accepted if electronic transfer is not possible. 

Membership application form

Potential new members must complete a membership application form. This must be done before going out on the water (or using gym equipment). The form includes contact details and the signed declaration that the individual is healthy and can swim 50 metres in light clothes. This is an essential part of the club's insurance cover.  

Membership application form

British Rowing membership

We recommend all our members join British Rowing for insurance purposes. This will cover you for civil liability and personal accident whilst rowing or sculling. Go to BR membership webpage to sign-up.

Further assistance

Any questions about membership of Furnivall can be directed to the club's membership officer whose details can be found on the Who's Who page.

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