Furnival Sculling Club

Furnivall Sculling ClubRowing club based in Hammersmith, London. Established 1896

  • Jacqueline and Callum
  • Mike (winner of the W.A.Goff sculling award), Sol and Angelo
  • Tom and Callum
  • Paulina, Roma, Meri, Jess H, Fran, Erika, Jess F, Emma and Kate
  • David, Rob and Neil
  • Neil, Scot, Rob and David
  • Neil, Scot, Rob and David
  • Rob, David and Scot stealing the Olympic torch
  • Nik and Carleen
  • Carleen and Ingrid
  • Carleen, Ingrid and Nik
  • Ann and Bob
  • Angelo and Fran
  • Ann, Jilda, Bob and Sean
  • Sara, Jacqueline and Liz
  • Jay, Sara, Jacqueline and Liz
  • Jacqueline and Nik
  • Scot, Jacqueline and Georgie

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