Furnival Sculling Club

Furnivall Sculling ClubRowing club based in Hammersmith, London. Established 1896

  • Novice IV+ Erika, Jess H, Lucy and Vic are raring to go
  • Vic - nothing phases this girl
  • Ready to push off.
  • Our coaches David and Steve help push the crew off
  • Paddling up to the start
  • Looking smooth
  • The VIII get ready to go - stern pair Roma and Christina
  • The VIII race past
  • The IM3 IV+ go for a pre-race paddle
  • FSC looking good!
  • Sarah, Roma, Jess H, Meri and cox Kate get a comfortable lead on Cambridge 99s
  • Camp FSC
  • Ben manages to conveniently find himself surrounded by ladies
  • Jen E and Roma
  • Team Ehr: Jen and mum Sue
  • Jess H tanned and shining!
  • Jess H and Roma rewarded with ice-cream!
  • More well-deserved ice-cream: Jo, Lucy and Negar
  • In the PCBC bar: Erika, Roma, Andy and Sarah
  • The fabulous novice IV+ of Jo, Sue, Holly and Negar
  • Relaxing under the trailer before a de-rigging session
  • The novice IV+ after their first ever regatta, with coaches David and Steve and superstar supersub cox Kate
  • The IM3 4+ after coming second in Sunday's final (from left): Jen E, Meri, Roma, Jess H, Steve, Sarah and David

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