Furnival Sculling Club

Furnivall Sculling ClubRowing club based in Hammersmith, London. Established 1896

Forthcoming social events

If you have any queries about upcoming events, please email our social secretary (social-AT-furnivall.org). All members are welcome to the events, no matter how often you get out on the water!

Likewise please get in touch if you have any suggestions for future activities or would like to organise your own event.

Dates for 2018

Saturday 17 February : Annual Dinner

THE social event of the Furnivall calendar, conveniently located early enough in the year to get us through the January blues, but after a post-Christmas paycheque. Contact your social secretary for more information.


Saturday 24 March : Boat Race

Furnivall will set up once again an outside bar for the people who need a glass of pimm's to enjoy the boat race. The bar will be open from 1pm to 6pm, in front of the club (ideally located to see the race). It will also be a great opportunity to talk to the members and learn more about the club. See you there !


Saturday 7 July : The Henley Picnic

An informal pilgrimage to Henley Royal Regatta where we stake out a bit of riverbank and enjoy the sights and sounds of some top-notch rowing, but mostly enjoy some picnic food and a moderate amount of prosecco.


Saturday 14 July : President's Pimm's party

A.k.a Bastille day, it’s the summer equivalent of the Cheese and Wine, where we swap red wine for strawberries, but keep the cheese.

The bar will be open, contact the social secretary for information.


More dates to follow.


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