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Captain's update - April 2014

Friday, 18th April 2014

Hi everyone,

It has been a pretty active month at Furnivall, and with so much going on/coming up so quickly, it's high time for an update. A few topics to cover: HORR, the Boat Race (Oxford won), a new club van on the way, Furnivall rowing (and casual) kit, and the lowdown on summer at FSC. Without further ado:


FSC balcony on HoRR day 2014 As keen followers will know, this year's race ended up being cancelled after roughly 80 crews had started, due to very, VERY adverse river conditions under Hammersmith Bridge. Something to do with some of the nation's top crews taking on massive amounts of the Thames. So, commiserations to our own Furnivall crew, as well as to the 40 crews who boated from us (even City of Oxford, who raced but came back thoroughly soaked). Still, a slight improvement on last year, when no one got to (officially) race.

The combination of sunny warmth and terrible water was, however, an unexpected boon, as loads of frustrated rowers took out their frustration on our bar. Many thanks to the volunteers who helped set crews away, and kept them plied with booze after they'd come back in.

Boat Race

Many thanks to Scot Livingstone, who took on the organisation of Furnivall's Boat Race day this year. And of course to the many volunteers who manned the bars to sell Pimm's and other assorted drinks to the spectators who lined the walls along Hammersmith. Again, keen followers will have heard but for those who haven't, the race itself was a bit of a procession after Cambridge's number 2 caught a near-ejector crab (merely a "slam head against water" crab).

Between Boat Race day and some exceptional takings at HORR, the proceeds from the bar will be going to acquire...

A New Club Vehicle!

Yes, even Son of Drill Tech is now in that great garage in the sky. As a result, we are currently on the lookout for a new van. Think decent power and towing capacity, working radio, post-2000 build, full service history - stringent, I know, but if you know of anythign that fits the bill, please contact me. This is one of those things that's absolutely essential for summer racing. Kind of like...


Again, massive thanks to Scot Livingstone for organising this year's kit order. The order window is open until this Sunday 20 April. The more we buy, the less we pay per item so please, GO NUTS! Any questions about the delivery should go to kit@furnivall.org, but follow the links for answers to questions on sizing and how to order and pay.

If you would like an FSC blazer in time for Henley, please let Sara Nanayakkara know (you can contact her via me) as soon as possible so that they can be ordered in good time.

Summer Racing

MasB.4+ winners David, Dan, cox Scot, Jonathan and RodAs alluded to above, regatta season is upon us, along with all the associated trappings: sprint-ish distances, warm weather, and making sure you look good in lycra (who are we kidding, that last one only works for, like, 5 people. In the whole country...). Some tips for the season, especially if you intend to race:

Wear sunscreen - yeah, just like that song from way back. I burn at the beginning of every summer, so obviously I didn't have it on repeat for long enough. And as I found out Monday: fellow baldies, make sure your head's covered too.

British Rowing membership cards: you will need these for racing. Although, depending on the regatta, they might only want to see one if you win. So let's hope we all need one, and often.

To actually enter races, contact your squad co-ordinators. If you're unsure of who this is, contact me and I'll either forward you on or take care of the entry myself.

Kit: Furnivall kit is also mandatory if you want to race in organised regattas. Fully matching, too, if it's crew racing. They're pretty picky about that.

Boats and blades: make sure these are well cleaned after every use and take good care of them. Nobody wants their seats to come off the runners in the middle of a race, and in general, it sends a good image of our club if we show up with gleaming white hulls and sparkling riggers. And from a practical standpoint, you won't be allowed to race if you don't have a bow ball and heel restraints so make sure these are all in good order.

That's all for now. 

So long, and keep walkin' on this sunshine!


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