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Captain's update - August 2012

Sunday, 26th August 2012

Racing news

Peterborough Summer Regatta, 11-12 August

Congratulations go to everyone who raced at Peterborough. We had entries from the competitive social scullers, the women’s squad and the men’s squad.

The men’s squad made it through to the final on Sunday in the IM3 8+ and 4+. The women’s IM2 and Masters 4+ raced on both days with Ingrid, Fiona, Liz and Jo/Lorna/Maribel sharing the bow seat. They made it through to all the finals in thrilling bow ball shuffling racing between boats. It is the type that makes you scream your lungs out from the bank, and not that dissimilar to the Purchase/Hunter 2x race at the Olympics. On Saturday, the W.IM2.4+ lost their final by 0.4 of a second to Milton Keynes RC and the W.Masters.4+ by 3 seconds to Peterborough City. At the sprints on Sunday the W.IM2.4+ lost their final by 2 seconds to Milton Keys RC and the W.Masters.4+ lost by 0.3 of a second against Peterborough City. It was a weekend of coming second for the women’s squad but what fabulous racing!

The highlight and celebrations went to the scullers this year. Mike had a bad start to the regatta having over slept and missed his seat in the Men’s Nov 4+, forcing our cox Harry to take his seat in the race! Harry had not rowed for 10 years and as you can see in the photo to the right, Harry looked a bit nervous in the bow seat! British Rowing Umpire and FSC/Bedford RC member took Harry’s seat and coxed the scratch crew down the course. Mike suffered again at the end of Saturday falling victim to an overzealous umpire who decided to pull out heel restraints with all his might resulting in him missing his place in the NOV 1x final, but we know he would have won it.

Mike was triumphant on Sunday though when he doubled up with Jacqueline in our rocket mixed 2x. Jacqueline was our secret weapon and the common denominator as she also powered down the course to victory with Maribel in the women’s IM3 2x.

It was a beautiful summer's day and the FSC gazebo came in very handy.

Congratulations to everyone who took part. Thanks to Jonathon who drove the trailer on the way there, and to Steve A who drove it on the way back.



Oxford City Royal Regatta, 18 August

We had an armada of boats entered for Oxford City from the men’s squad. A men’s IM3 8+, two IM3 4+ and a novice 4+ powered down the course.

Our IM3 4+ appealed against questionable steering by an opposition boat and were knocked out in the third round after comfortably winning the first two rounds (and a race against our neighbours Sons of the Thames!).

Victory went to our men’s Novice 4+ who defended our crown from last year in the men’s NOV 4+ category. Our boys won their two heats and had a thrilling race in the final against Oxford City with a three foot lead. Congratulations to Mike, Jay, Gareth and Tom coxed by Harry. A fabulous end of the season, and a particularly emotional race for Harry who got his well deserved pot for 2012.


Congratulation to everyone who raced this season! The club is on its annual season break from 19 August – 15 September.

Party people at FSC

Children of 72 party

Thanks to all of you who came to the Children of 72 Party held on 4 August. Fabulous outfits and hair dos. It was great to see the club room full and a great turnout. Our festivities for the old-timers managed to bring home £965 in revenue, so thanks to all who drank. Just proves, we’ve still got it! Yes, that IS coach Steve in the photo to the right!


Food nights on Thursday

Our food nights have been a huge success this year (although proving to be a challenge for our bar Manager Mathew Bond who is having to stock up far more than usual as a result!). It is great to see the atmosphere in the club and we will be continuing with food nights in the new season, but we need more volunteers please! So let us know if you are interested in hosting one. More beer = more boats!!

FSC Beginners graduation ceremony

Our Beginners course finished on 4 August, and ended with an Olympic style medal ceremony; they got chocolate medals, not gold ones - much better we think!

It was the easiest Beginner course we have ever ran at Furnivall. Mainly due to the endless supply of volunteers and willing helpers that made it happen. Never before have we had to turn helpers away. Our Beginners went through 24 sessions in both the tank, on ergs and on the water.

We nervously took on way too many Beginners, in the hope that many would drop out once they realised it is not as easy as it looks; and successful crews need to be committed both on the water and off. 50 Beginners started the programme. British Rowing coach Paul Lorenzato ran the programme as part of British Rowing’s ‘coaching in clubs’ scheme and we registered as an Explore Rowing accredited club. We recruited Julian Stratton as cox, and soon our coxes Ben Z and Scot got hooked too.

Helpers are too many to name but Jacqueline who looked after the admin and coached on ergs, Anna VB who ran circuit sessions, Lorna who stepped in (allowing me to go on holiday!) and Mike were certainly key throughout the course for the 12 weeks.

Both men’s coach Andy Lincoln and Women’s coach Steve Albrecht came along to see the beginners in action, and next season will begin with a new development squad consisting of 20 new members! We look forward to seeing them race the in the Head of the River next year!


London 2012 Olympic legacy in action

Furnivall has had over 200+ enquires to learn to row following the Olympics. It is quite brilliant! We are jumping on the bandwagon and trying to fulfil the London 2012 legacy by offering erg taster sessions during the season break. We are running shifts of 1.5 hour session over 5 batches. Women’s squad coach Steve Albrecht has offered to run these sessions and we will spot talent for our new beginner intake. We are keen to capture the interest and we are proud to be part of the London 2012 legacy.

Summer break 2012

Whilst you lot are resting on your laurels, here is what is happening during the break:

Brand new lightweight 2x being delivered last week of August. It is a general use boat for 65kg av.

Brand new 8+ is on order. It will be a Janousek, same mould as the Derek Lowe (hoping for it to arrive before end of September)

Boat refurbs:

  • Steve Milligan 4x gone for hull re-spray
  • WA Goff 4+ gone for hull re-spray
  • Julie Rooke 2x gone for repair
  • Mike Rooke 4x gone for repair
  • Shea 1x gone for repair

Racks – front racks for the 2x’s and the front 1x’s for the club boats are being replaced

The scullers have been working hard repainting their blades. You will notice beautifully and perfectly painted blades when you walk into the boat house soon. An enormous thank you and appreciation to Daniel (photographed here) in particular who has also been spending time fixing boats as well.

Lighting in the WEBH being replaced after 1st September

Flat roof above the erg room being relayed (hopefully before 15 September, we are not sure yet)

Door entry system – some of you will remember after the spate of burglaries earlier in the year we said we would look into this. We have been investigating a fob entry system to give better controlled access to individuals. We will announce any change well before it happens.

New coach for the scullers

I am delighted to announce the return of an old timer at Furnivall. Steve Rooke returns to the coaching team and has agreed to take on the scullers. Steve was Club Captain 1983-1985 and 1989-1990 (before some of you were born!). The Mike Rooke is named after his brother and the Julie Rooke after his wife, both of whom had a huge part to play in the club back in the day. There used to be a wooden 8+ named after Steve but it went to boat heaven. Steve will tell you tales from the good ol days and tell you why there was a pot of grease by the front door at FSC and start many of his talks in the pub with “back in the day...”. We are absolutely thrilled to have him back!

FSC start back day - 15 September, 10:00

We are planning a big start back day on 15 September inviting experience rowers and scullers to join us for the return to the season to meet current members and show them around. Beginners are encouraged to email us and join our waiting list (the open day is for experienced rowers only). The format will be:

  • Welcome and history and structure of the club (everyone)
  • Split into squads led by coaches/squad captains - and talk through training plan and aspirations
  • Lunch! (Please can I get some volunteers to help with lunch!)

After lunch our newbies will leave us, and current members are required to hang around for the ANNUAL BIG FAT BOAT HOUSE CLEAR UP. You will be needed until about 15:30. We will be tackling the changing rooms, the wellie room, the erg room and the boat house. Deep cleaning and removing junk and rubbish and doing a run to the tip. So we need your help please!

Please remove all towels and kit from the changing rooms before hand. Anything left lying around on this day will be put in a free for all kit bucket.

AGM (and BBQ/boat naming ceremony) - Sunday 16 September, 13:00

The AGM will take place in the club room. This will be followed by a BBQ hosted by the men’s squad and a boat naming ceremony for the new 2x.

Bring on Season 2012/13!

Club Captain

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