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Captain's update - brilliant IVs HOR results

Friday, 11th November 2011

In this update: Fours Head and Vets Head of the River – results and thanks

What a weekend last weekend was for Furnivall! The Furnivall Boating Machine has never boated so beautifully as it did on Saturday 5 November for Head of the River Fours. 28 boats in 26 minutes is a FSC record! I don't remember having had so many volunteers and we’re so very grateful to all of you who came down to help and support our crews. Saturday we saw two FSC crews enter for the HOR4s. Sunday saw our biggest entry for the Vet’s Fours Head in a long time, with 6 crews entered from FSC.

What a brilliant Results weekend it was for our club. Congratulations to everyone who took part on Saturday and Sunday whether you were on the bank, in a launch or in a boat. Our special thanks for our coaches Steven Albrecht, Andy Lincoln, Graeme Smith and Peter Brewer for their support.

Fours Head and Vets Head – results

Saturday 5 November – Head of the River Fours 2011

Crew 79, Furnivall IM1 4x (20:30.45)

29th out of 49 in their division (ahead of Putney Town RC I, HSBC I and Vesta RC I) and 125th overall. Alfredo, FSC treasurer, was reasonably happy with the result considering the amount of training they were able to fit in; half the crew had been training mainly for nappy changes and sleepless nights since the arrival Alfredo’s baby Miguel and Tim’s second child. Who knew that weeks of sleep deprivation can make a boat move? Well done Alfredo, Tim, Noel and Jonathan.

Crew 458, Furnivall/Auriol Kensington W IM2 4+ (23:18.69)

Ben coxed Val, Lorna ,Nancy and AK’s Tillie to stomp to 13th in a division of 46, taking out the university crews (which you obviously have to do!) they were the 3rd club crew in the division – a really great result. Nancy was thrilled to get her first International race under her belt following on from her recent exploits at the Head of the Charles (she now officially has the t-shirt, splashtop (but not the cap)) and Lorna expressed her delight with the result saying “not bad for a bunch of old birds” (she didn’t actually use the words “old birds”, but as there may be children reading this we through we should edit!).

See Fuller's Head of the River Fours for official results.

Sunday 6 November – Vet Fours Head of the River 2011

FSC men’s results:

Crew 6, Furnivall VetB 4x (21:10.02)

14th overall with a time of 21:10 out of 64 crews and third in their category! A great result in the David Reason Fillipi, FSC’s newest, beautiful addition to our fleet. David would be so proud! Alfredo and his crew were pleased on their improvement from the day before.

Crew 52, Furnivall VetA 4+ (23:31.84)

Crew 129, Furnivall VetIM3 4+ (24:24.24)

It was great to see so many Furnivall men out racing again. We were thrilled to enter three crews this year, and the result has really put some energy into our ever growing men’s squad and determination to do well in the VIIIs Head in March. Well done to FSC coxes Scot and Harry for keeping the guys focused and motivated throughout the race.

FSC women’s results:

Congratulations to the girls! Our Masters B 4+ entry won their division and were the fastest Women’s Vets 4+ in the race! Our IM3 4+ came third out of 11 entries in the same race, being pipped for second place by Barnes Bridge Ladies by a mere 7 seconds… Winners were King’s College London who were the fastest W4+ in the event (we noticed one of the women was wearing GB kit… Hmm). All in all a great start to the winter season.

Crew 150, Furnivall WVetA 4x (23:02.43)

Lisa, Leah, Carole and Caz entered themselves as men by mistake...!?! An administrative error (so they say... but we think they were just raising the bar!). They were going to wear moustaches in the hope that they wouldn’t be spotted! A fantastic result of 84th overall with a smashing time of 23:02 – and this is after they had to stop to allow the wake of a life boat to pass! They would have beaten all the WA 4x had they not been timed with the men! Well done guys… er... girls actually...

Crew 191, Furnivall/Auriol Kensington WVetB 4+ (24:02.41)

Having had so much fun racing on the Saturday, the Furnivall/AK composite with AK’s Tillie and our Lorna, Nancy and Val coxed by Ben decided to drag themselves down the course again! They raced a time of 24.02 and were 137th overall. They won WVetB 4+ (and would have won C division as well). The Peterborough crew behind them were 34 seconds away with Nottingham 2 seconds behind them. They were the 2nd fastest women's coxed four on the water on Sunday beaten only by that pesky King’s College London uni crew... Tillie’s post race analysis on the wining crew: “I presume they trained”. Congratulations ladies and well done for bringing in a medal!

Crew 222, Furnivall WIM3 4+ (24:44.37)

Fiona, Ingrid, Jane and Sarah were coxed by Becca and came 3rd out of 11 in their division, 165th overall, in a time of 24:44. “An excellent result” as FSC women’s captain Fiona said. They were only 20 seconds off our Men's crew (watch out guys!) and beaten by Barnes Bridge Ladies by only 7 seconds and the very fast King’s College London uni crew. The girls were happy that they beat a lot of strong clubs, proving the weights and the Burpees really do work!

See Vet Fours Head for official results.

Fours Head and Vets Head – thank you

Our club turned into a cafe on Saturday. We served Maribel's lemon cake and flapjacks, Julith's brownies, Janet's coffee and fruit cakes, and Emily Treat's treats. We had top quality produce sufficient to rival a Sloane Street patisserie! We also sold jacket potatoes with different fillings and rolled out ham & cheese toasties of Michelin star quality. A weekend of work (food, bar and boating) brought in a revenue of just over £1k so well done to you all.

Deep breath as I attempt to name everyone (forgive me if I've forgotten anyone): In addition to the cake makers, BIG THANK YOU to: Bar mgr Matthew Bond and chief cafe mgr Tania who never left the bar area, Christian, Big Ben and little Ben, Maribel, Emily, newbie Jo (who had only been with us a few weeks!), cheese toasty gourmet goddess Ingrid, Craig - chief dairy provider (there’s loads of milk in the freezer now guys), Richard (sorry for wasted trip to my car), Lucy loo, Liz, Mr poster/marketing illustrator Ariel, Mike, Maralee, Jay, Scot-I-can't-speak-I'm-so-hungover (see photo!), Fiona, Mary, Dan – the clipboard man, and Steve Albrecht and Henry Blythe for representing the FSC massive to the mellow-marshal team over the weekend and Bedford RC/Furnivall member Lydia for being a timing umpire in her red wellies and Paddington stares to crews in the wrong place.

See more photos of the weekend.

Thanks and well done to everyone!

Best wishes,


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