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Captain's update - January 2012

Wednesday, 25th January 2012

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all well and glad to be back at the club burning off the calories that you may have acquired over the festive season...

There are lots of new members about the place. I hope you have all got your welcoming hats on, and if you are new, I hope you feel suitably welcomed!

Please, everyone, remind all new members that no one is allowed on the water without filling out a membership form. This covers us for our insurance purposes.

British Rowing insurance

If you want to be covered for civil liability and personal accident whilst rowing or sculling, we urge all members to take out British Rowing membership which will cover you personally. 

There are three different types of BR membership; Silver if you are a non-competitor and Gold if you compete in any BR regatta or head race. Platinum is if you are really posh and want the badge! Even if you are a pootler or the starry heights of medals and pots don’t interest you right now, you may wish to consider Silver membership for peace of mind. 

Details of insurance can be found on the British Rowing insurance page

Just sign up for BR membership and you are covered.

Quuuuuick! Sign up for the 11 February FSC Annual Dinner

Have you seen Scot lately? She has a furrowed brow. That’s because she is worrying about numbers for the annual dinner. So don’t let her worry, SIGN UP!

If you are waiting for pay day, at least tell Scot so we can allocate numbers. Your funds need to be showing in our bank account before 30 January, that is the deadline. If it helps and you prefer, we CAN take cheques (we have a new system for them now). Cheques need to be payable to Furnivall Sculling Club, with Annual dinner and your full name written on the back please, handed directly to Scot. 

Get in touch with her and let’s make her smile again: social@furnivall.org

There will be awards and prizes, best newcomer, most improved rower, dunking doughnut award and various other awards. And I also need a collection of raffle prizes again please – so please contribute!

See FSC Annual Dinner and Dance for information about the evening.

Dewar Shield – Sunday 5 February
Boating at 14:00, racing starts 14:30

It is that time of year for our annual friendly (grudge match) between us, Sons of the Thames and AK.

The Dewar shield is named after a Furnivall Captain, Alice Dewar, from 1909. It is a timed race, from Chiswick to Hammersmith in a battle of the VIIIs to regain the shield (which is… some might say… a rather ugly almighty piece of ...er… shield… but that’s not the point!).

The shield is currently housed at Sons of the Thames who have had possession of it for the past two years – time to win it back! The more boats we can get out on the water the more points for us and the faster these boats are the better!

If you are not racing, come and support Furnivall. Sons and AK supports, friends and family are all welcome to join us. The bar will be open 13:30-16:00. The presentation to the winners will be in the club room after the race, at about 15:00.

Race news

Good luck to all competitors in Quintin Head this weekend. The race is on Saturday 28 January at 09:30, Chiswick Bridge (University Post) to Harrod's. We have a FSC men’s VIII (IM3) and two women’s VIII (IM2 and IM3). Furnivall men have said they will be running down to Barnes Railway Bridge to cheer so please do join them. Go Furnivall!

Congratulations to Lisa and Leah who won their W.MasB/C.2x category in last weekend’s Weybridge Winter Head (Saturday 21 January). Their race was not without drama... They had to stop completely mid race to avoid collision due to crews in front grounding to a halt... whilst their competitors glided passed them! Furious, they plucked up a racing start and soared off again picking up speed and stomping passed everyone (who had probably thought they had it in the bag). Our ladies won by 20 seconds! Absolutely brilliant show! Truly amazing spirit, GO Furnivall! That’s how you do it. 

We look forward to hearing race news from all our crews and let’s get some supporters out as well please! If you are not racing, please try and show your love for your Furnivall-istas.

Important date reminders for your diaries 

Women’s Head of the River – Saturday 3 March
Hammersmith Head – Sunday 4 March
Men’s Head of the River – Saturday 17 March
Vesta Vets Head – Sunday 18 March
University Boat Race – Saturday 7 April (Easter weekend)

Reminder that all these dates can be found on the FSC diary dates page.

We need all hands on deck for all these major events please and will shortly be arranging a boat race committee to organise and schedule in everyone, so please be prepared to help out in some way.

Sculling training camp – Portugal, 10-12 August

Is anyone else anticipating post Olympic blues? Bob is... and he’s hoping to do something about it. How? By rounding up a bunch of scullers for a training camp weekend 10-12 August, in Portugal. That's how! Now that sounds like a fine way to get away from the hustle and bustle of London.

See Aveiro August training camp for more information and please email Bob if you are interested at membership@furnivall.org.

So back to cold windy Thames reality. Enjoy being ON the water everyone.(avoid being in it please... especially when the water is like the North Sea like it was last Saturday).

Stay dry and warm!


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