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Captain's Update July 2014

Thursday, 24th July 2014

Hi everyone,

Fully recognizing this is the first update in a couple of months, for which I do apologize, but we'll do without the various sideline battles that have kept me occupied, there will be a lot to cover. So bear with me (or skip to your most interesting section):

  • Racing and results
  • Upcoming Races
  • Committee Changes
  • What else has FSC been up to?
  • Thoughts to keep in mind

Racing and Results

From my admittedly spotty recollection, last we left off our men's squad had returned from a weekend at Nottingham where the men's 4+ had a double header of Nottingham City and British Masters, bringing home gold in the MasA event.

Following this, the women's squad had an action-filled weekend at Peterborough Spring on the first weekend of June that saw them come achingly close to a few first place finishes, be they in finals or earlier heats. Of particular note, the W.IM3.4+ of Sarah, Meri, Roma, and Jess came in less than 3 seconds off a pot, in the process beating Milton Keynes who had earlier pipped them in the heat. Also the novice 4+ of Negar, Sue, Jo, and Holly in their FIRST EVER race, finishing second in their heat and narrowly missing out on the final a second time in the repechage. Many thanks to Jen, Ben and Kate for driving them on to the line.

Furnivall was represented at Henley trials in both squads this year, with the men and the women putting up an entry for the club coxed 4's. Unfortunately, both crews did not progress beyond the time trials, the women coming in 4 seconds off the pace, and the men around 20 seconds off. Both crews were up against some heavy competition, and so I'd like to send out my personal congratulations to both. Sarah, Roma, Meri, and Jess, with Becca at the helm, and David, Brian, Dan, and Andy with Scot in the cox's seat - great job this year, both in the long, hard, all too frequent training sessions, the preparation, the racing. Next year is sure to be an even stronger step forward.

Upcoming Races

With the exception of the women racing IM3 8s at Reading Town Regatta at the end of June, Furnivall's racing plans for July have largely been hampered by injuries resulting in a lot of crews of 3, making the potential for racing a bit awkward. However, August is looking much stronger, and there will be contingents to Henley T&V next weekend, Peterborough the weekend after that, and capping off the summer at Oxford. More to come in the lead up to each of those.

In the meantime, all this information and more is available on the website's news and events page. Additionally, if you have any suggestions or stories to add to the Furnivall anthology, please direct these to our webmaster@furnivall.org.

Committee Changes

There have been two rather big changes in the committee line-up over summer. Taking over the Assistant Secretary position, Sarah Livermore has been an absolute star over the last couple of months, in addition to her training, racing, and more informal role of generally helping out round the boathouse.

Less good, Cliff Smyth has stepped down as House Manager. Here again, Cliff has been incredible, excellent, and a whole lot of other superlatives, and he will be sorely missed. The whole of the committee sends him our thanks, but now the challenge comes of finding a replacement. If there is anyone out there who can step up to fill his shoes of house manager, please get in touch with me or a member of the committee. Please.


What else have we been up to?

Now, much as I'm sure you've been enjoying your summer, and even though I may have seen you around the boathouse, it's still a terrible shame we don't get to see you in more social conditions and attire (I know, I know, what can be more social than an all-in-one and a splash top?). By now, you'll have received Brian's e-invitation to the President's Pimm's Party. Bear in mind, that's coming up THIS SUNDAY, so do get in touch with Brian at social@furnivall.org to RSVP (think "yes, I'm there!" as opposed to "nah" or the dreaded "maybe"...). Dress code is smart dress, so suffice to say you should shower and change out of the training kit. For a better idea of smart dress than what I can describe, you can check out the photos from last year's event.

Not to indulge my inner thermodynamics geek, but we're also (at least I am) ludicrously keen to show off Furnivall's new ice machine, courtesy of our Bar Manager, Matthew Bond.

A couple of final thoughts before I sign off for another while:

I'm very happy to see more boat cleaning going on. Taking good care of the boats up front is the best way to keep them in racing shape, and keeping them clean is a great step towards that. Please remember as well to clean out the insides on a regular basis, looking after the runners and riggers, and doing a general check that everything in there is in good shape.

Ergs also take well to maintenance. Keep them clean, wipe them down after sweaty sessions (and let's face it, all sessions should be sweaty), and if anyone is able to give them the time, the occasional vacuuming of the fan would not be amiss.

On my own observation, post Henley sees a lull in the larger Tideway clubs' activities (hurray for fewer launches!) but there are also a lot more cruisers on the river (less hurray for gin palaces and giant washes...). Be sure to keep a good look out, especially during the more social hours like afternoons and evenings, and keep yourselves safe out there.

Of course, in spite of everyone's vigilance, accidents can and do happen. Should you be involved in an incident, please report it to myself and to the Club Water Safety Advisor Ben (safety@furnivall.org) and in the incident log at the back of the boat sign out book. If there is damage to the equipment, please record this in the damage log in roughly the same spot. Note that incidents for reporting include minor accidents and capsizes, even where no damage is done and no feelings are hurt, through near misses and land training accidents.

Looking forward to the new season, we will be looking for coaches at all levels. Every squad could use the help, even if it's only for one or two sessions a week (we could even do with less often than that). Nor are we looking for the next Mike Spracklen, just a set of eyes and a willingness to help out are enough, and we can help you out with the rest.

Hope to see you all around soon!


FSC Captain

Email: captain@furnivall.org

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