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Furnivall Sculling ClubRowing club based in Hammersmith, London. Established 1896

Captain's update - September 2012

Wednesday, 19th September 2012

Welcome back to the new season everyone! I hope you are all loving your lovely tidy, clean and sparkling club! It is quite a delight, so let's keep it that way! Thanks again to everyone who helped clear up at the BFBHCU (big fat boat house clear up).

New boat

The new Mark Ruscoe 2x was christened on Sunday 16 September, after the AGM.

Mark has been a committee member for as long as some of the longest serving committee members can remember. For several years he was club water safety advisor and later club security advisor. Mark also coached the men's squad in the past and is now a coach at London Rowing Club. Despite his commitments at London, Mark continues to be an active committee member and offers support to us all in his own understated way. Mark is our Furnivall Google engine; if we have a question that we can't answer, it is highly likely that he will know the answer. We wanted to recognise his years of commitment and continued loyalty to our club.

The Mark Ruscoe 2x is a boat for general use. It is a lightweight 60-65kg category and is now ready for use (to be steered only by approved steerers).


AGM - who's who at Furnivall

The Management Committee is made up of Officers and Committee members. We welcome Nathaniel (Nat) and Gorgie to the Committee.

Nat will be leading a team for house maintenance so if you want to be part of that dream team please get in touch with him at house@furnivall.org.

Georgie will be heading up a team of socialites! Please let her know if you are interested in being part of a team that organises parties! Yeaaaay! First on the list will be the Wednesday food nights, and we will get that ball rolling soon and will be devising a rota of all squads to muck in. Georgie will be available at social@furnivall.org. Scot will still be heading up the annual dinner with Georgie and we will be in touch with more about that later.

Thank you to the men's squad

For organising the start of season BBQ. It was the most delicious spread we have ever had at a club. Thank you to everyone who contributed.

History of Furnivall - book

First there was a short history of time, then there as a short history of Furnivall. Elizabeth Carter wrote a book about the History of Furnivall from 1886-1994.

If you would like to purchase Elizabeth’s book, we have left a pile of her books on the bar. We are selling the book for £20 (RRP is £25). Please stick money in the envelope provided and write your name on the envelope. All proceeds go to the club.

Thank you Elizabeth for letting us sell them!

Club membership numbers

For the first time in 12 years, the club's men's squad is larger than then women's squad!? Over 30 men turned up for the club start back day squad meetings. It is looking likely that we will break our record of 172 members back in 2003/4 very soon.

Larger numbers means we have to be super-structured, super-organised, super-more proactive in the running of the club and generally just overall super.

Erg and gym training times

Please note new training times where the erg room and gym are allocated to specific squads:

Erg room: Women's squad (19:00 onwards)
Gym: General
Club room: Pilates (20:00)

Gym: Women's squad (19:15 onwards)
Erg room: Men's squad (19:30 onwards)

Erg room: Women's squad (19:15 onwards)
Gym: Men's squad
Club room: Men's squad circuits

Erg room free + excess men's squad (men and women on the water)
Gym: W
omen's squad

General use access all areas

Pairs Head of the River - 13 October, 15:00

The race is Chiswick to Hammersmith Bridge so come and cheer our racing crews for the last 500m from the balcony!

The Furnivall crews are:
Jacqueline and Mike DP - Mx.IM3.2x
Maribel and Ariel Mx.IM3.2x
Ivan and Alfredo IM3.2x
Lydia and Lorna W.MasB.2x

Thassit for now!

Happy training everyone!

Club Captain

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