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Dr Furnivall get's a mention on national television!

Saturday, 28th April 2012

Sunday 29 April, 22:15, ITV1

Comedian and television presenter Griff Rhys Jones sets off on a personal investigation in search of Mr Toad and his creator Kenneth Grahame. He explores The Wind in the Willows, what inspired the writer and why the story has gripped the imagination of millions of readers.

The documentary is part of ITV's Perspectives series. Kenneth Grahame based his characters on real people he knew, and Ratty was Dr Furnivall who introduced Grahame to rowing, and inspired him to write his book. The producers were in touch with us and we supplied pictures of Dr Furnivall like this one here.

Dr Furnivall: “Believe me my young friend, there is nothing; absolutely nothing half as worth doing as simply messing about in boats.”

Oh yes. Don't we know it!...

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ITV Player – Perspectives: Griff Rhys Jones on Wind in the Willows

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