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Fours head race reports

Saturday, 14th November 2015

Furnivall had two crews racing at the Fours Head and Vets' Fours Head weekend of the 7 and 8 November.

First up at the Fours Head were our women's IM2 coxed four of Helen, Fiona, Lizzi, Jess and Evelyn (cox). They went off in position #457 and climed all the way to #311, finishing in a time of 22:44.9 which placed them 12th out of 29 in their category.

Helen, sitting at stroke has joined Furnivall this season from Hertford College Oxford and gives us her account of the day:

"It was my first time rowing the Fours Head. Our crew had a fantastic race and we all agreed it was the best that we've ever rowed as a crew. Overtaking another boat in front of our own boathouse was a particular highlight! We put out a solid marker for the start of the year and we will be building on it over the next few months.

"Also, a massive thank you to Furnivall for welcoming myself and all the new members this season. The whole women's squad are incredibly excited about the potential for this year. Watch this space...!"

At the Vets Fours Head on the Sunday, we had a Bedford / Furnivall / Star Club composite racing which included Val Snewin. Val tell us about the day:

"It started by all in the Furnivall club room observing the 2 minute silence for Remembrance Sunday, an unusual moment of quiet calm in the club, and an opportunity to gather thoughts and focus for the day ahead.

"The crew was a composite with Tille Rijk and Val Snewin from Furnivall SC, and Lydia Swift and Clare Eason from Bedford Rowing Club and Star Club. Although all row as 'associated' or long-distance members of the women's masters group at Furnivall, the logistics (with travel from Kent and Bedford) combined with last weekend's fog, meant that the the crew had had very limited water time together, and we knew it was probably not ideal to rely on time in singles and doubles, with the occasional ergo, to get us down the course. However the paddle up to the start enjoyed warm weather and flat water, as crews assembled upstream of Barnes Bridge to marshal in our division and we were happy to be racing.

"With three of the crew well into 'VetC' (although in denial about that) we raced VetB, due to youngster Clare, who brought our average age down to just creep into Masters category B. Luckily our start position reflected this (positioned between divisions WB4x and WC4x) with Barnes Bridge Ladies VWB4x to catch up and Lea WC4x to push away from. We made a clean start, and steered an efficient course, watching other crews chase each other diagonally across the river.

"Our plan was to stay 'long and strong' (trying to avoid 'slow and steady') and for the first half of the race, all went to plan, as we circulated between our 'three sets of 10' to stay sharp with 'swing' 'catches' and 'legs'. We heard a great cheer as we passed Furnivall, and at Hammersmith Bridge a 'Bedford' call reminded us that there was now the same distance to go as the 2km stretch of river at Bedford, so sit up and 'go again'. At this point the head wind and associated waves hit us, the rating dipped, and we power-lifted our way to the black buoy. Congratulated by a Marshall as we successfully negotiated a three-abreast race to the finish down the line of boats, we recognised that we had done our best on the day and we resolved next time to try to get closer to our successful 2011 win in WB 4+.

"The fastest women's crew on the day were the Scottish WC4x Reading/Marlow/Strathclyde Park in 21.22, who stormed through us in some style, and have dominated the event for a few years. Mortlake, Anglian & Alpha were the fastest WB4x (21.50) showing that age and speed do not always correlate. Our time of 23.01 put us 11 of the 16 crews making up WB4x and WV4x.

"There was a warm and relaxed atmosphere in the club room, as visiting crews from Swansea, Cambridge and others mixed with the Furnivall women's squad members, who along with Mike were collecting numbers, serving tea, and boating crews both out and back, which was all very much appreciated by those of us more mature members of the racing community, who really valued that 'nice cup of tea and a sit down' after the race."

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