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Fours Weekend!

Monday, 5th November 2018

The Fours Head on Saturday turned out to be a classic Tideway head race, with Storm Oscar arriving on the scene right on cue. We had the uncertainty of whether the finish would be shortened, to Hammersmith Bridge, right up until the start. However, the organisers assessed that it was safe enough to run the full course. As predicted in the stretch from Hammersmith down to Putney the Tideway was in its "petulant child" mood and threw everything it had at us - mainly waves, over our heads at times. Despite the conditions, our crews put in some solid rows and got some highly respectable results, which you can see below. There are also some photos in the Gallery.

Fours Head results

Category Start number Time Position in category
Tina Thorp, Sarah Mazza,
Lara Tandy, Becca Hammond
W.4x Chal. 320 23:53.1 19 / 22
Jess Hartley, Hannah Cornwell,
Fiona Harris, Meri Pesola
W.4- Chal. 332 22:46.5 5 / 13
Pierre Thomas, Mike White,
Ryan Hunter, Luke Levitt
4- Inter. 452 21:32.9 13 / 28

On Sunday, there was the decidedly more civilised Vet Fours Head. We had three crews racing. Congratulations to our women's coxless four of Jess, Hannah, Fiona and Meri would won their event for the third time in three years!

Val Snewin gives the view from the Furnivall / Vesta Masters C womens' quad: "We started the day with a last minute substiution due to Sue being struck down with illness. Our coach Selin Bridges stepped in with no outings apart from a quick one on the day.

Despite less than ideal preparation, we got into our rhythm quickly, with rate and speed consistent. Excellent steering kept us in the stream and it is always good having your coach in the boat giving the calls.

Looking good past the club, the spectators on our balcony gaves us an encouraging cheer as we turned under Hammersmith Bridge into the head wind. Having a couple of crews to push off was helpful but unfortunately as we were overtaking our friends and neighbours Sons of the Thames we had a blade clash, which slowed both crews down. Recovering well we pushed on to a very welcime early finish along the Putney Embankment."

Veteran Head results

Category Start number Time Position in category
Pierre Thomas, Mike White, Martin Collins, John Jackson-Houlston A.4- 16 20:16.8 3 / 5
Jess Hartley, Hannah Cornwell,
Fiona Harris, Meri Pesola
W.A.4- 154 21:37.5 1 / 2
Val Snewin, Zena (Vesta), Sue Ehr, Alyson Martinovich W.C.4x 143 23:00.7 10 / 13

Friday 2 November

There's an action-packed weekend coming up on the Tideway: it's the turn of the quads and fours for the head races!

On Saturday we have the Fours Head and on Sunday the decidely more civilised Vets Fours Head (cup of tea in the boat anyone?)

We have a super FSC turnout this year, of three boats on both the Saturday and the Sunday. The race start times are noon on the Saturday and 1 p.m. on the Sunday: perfect for an afternoon of hanging out in the clubroom and cheering the crews on! Below is the list of our crews, with approximate time for them to pass the FSC balcony. We're also proud of our very own Kate Shipley who'll be racing with Cambridge University Women's BC (#144) **

Best of luck everyone: wrap up warm and have a great row!


Our women's coxless IV (Hannah, Jess, Meri
& Fiona) winning at this year's Peterborough Summer Regatta. They'll be racing both days
this weekend.

Our women's quad (Becca, Tina, Mazza, Lara),
who'll be racing in the W.4x Challenge category
at the Fours Head on Saturday


** [And also: Go Oxford! - Ed.]

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