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Furnivall Sculling ClubRowing club based in Hammersmith, London. Established 1896

FSC at Henley Women's Regatta

Monday, 27th July 2015

FSC at HWR 2015 (from left): Jenny, Meri P, Evelyn, Jess H, Fiona and Steve

One of the highlights of the racing calendar, Henley Women's Regatta took place on Friday 19 to Sunday 21 June. FSC was proud to have a crew of Evelyn, Fiona, Jenny, Jess H and Meri P racing in the club fours event. Thanks to Jess for providing her account:

"Delighted at the prospect of an 8:30am time trial start, we all bounded out of bed on the wrong side of 5am to gather at the club for the drive up to Henley. The good news is it takes less than 30 minutes to drive from Hammersmith to Henley at 6am - we can thoroughly recommend this departure time. We arrived to see Henley at its best, bathed in uninterrupted, glorious sunshine.

After a speedy rigging session, we assembled our three man support band (two Steves and a Dave) and headed to the water. Our time trial run went to plan and we all agreed we couldn't have tried any harder. But would it be enough to make the top 16 out of 40? As we rowed to the pontoon it became clear (to two of us anyway) that this didn't matter one bit because MATTHEW PINSENT PULLED OUR BOAT IN, which did cause some conflict as to who to listen to, Olympic gold medallist or cox...Evelyn did somehow win this battle.

As the qualifiers were read out, clubs 'A-E' were met with a knowing, 'of course we have qualified', silence. This changed drastically when we reached 'F'. We had qualified and did not take this news in a calm, cool manner. The Furnivall table turned into a zoo of screeching banshees, jumping up and down with hugs and high fives all round. Our happy situation was further improved by a very generous blade handle provider who re handled our blades for the price of a top notch bottle of red!

The girls (and David) relax with a Pimm's after
a hard day of racing

Unfortunately we missed out on a Saturday spot by 2/3 of a length to Maidenhead, but a pitcher of Pimm's (or two...) on the riverbank in the afternoon sun proved adequate commiseration. We packed up, compared questionable tan lines and headed back to London - we can thoroughly advise against a 6pm Friday night departure time, not arriving home until three hours later!"

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