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FSC at the Head of the Charles

Monday, 29th October 2018

by Mike De Paoli

Autumn in Boston: such a special time, as rowers from across the United States and indeed the world, descend on the city to patronise the many micro-breweries, take in the Autumn colours, and dish out on the suddenly steep hotel prices. This year was even more special for two reasons:

  1. the Red Sox won the World Series.
  2. Furnivall joined the Head of the Charles Regatta party!

The real goal, of course, in this mad scheme was to have a little fun. So, starting from the twin tenets of "training is cheating" and "life begins at 30": mission accomplished! What's more, we were the second fastest British club crew and the 11th through 18th fastest scullers! Moral victories abound.

Andy Brown summed up the experience: "it was good to row with some proper villains again. Just eight guys who push hard, like to go fast, and enjoy a beer. What rowing should be"

Special shout outs to Hugga for the custom kit, Brookline High School for the use of their 8+ and oars, Dan Jenkins for sorting out basically all the Stateside stuff, and to the Tideway Scullers boys encountered at Friday lunch for providing the quote of the weekend: "Oh, there's a Furnivall in the UK as well!"

FSC crew for HOCR 2018
Cox: Ben Zurawel
Str: Mike De Paoli
7: Tim Hellier
6: Ben Reid
5: Andrew Brown
4: Dan Jenkins
3: Solomon Peters
2: Dean Chan
Bow: Florent Pétillon
From left to right: Ben R, Tim, Dean, Ben Z, Florent, Sol,
Dan, Mike, Andy
















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