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FSC news: party, strength training and safety items

Saturday, 12th December 2015

Here are some goings-on from 19 Lower Mall.

1. Christmas party: on Sunday from 1pm. Hope to see you all there! The RSVP window might be closed by now but if you would like to come and haven't let Erika know yet then drop her a line. 

2. Trial Eights on Sunday: OUBC and CUBC will be holding races from Putney to Mortlake starting 12:45 and 14:00. As per usual there is no river closures but we are asked to "not obstruct them". They also have lots of following launches and will create a lot of wash so please be aware if you're planning on an outing (although we strongly recommend coming to the party instead!).

3. Lights: now that we're firmly in the middle of winter and the days are very short, please see the latest advice from British Rowing about ensuring your boat is adequately lit. The main advice is unchanged: you need 360 degree white lighting (flashing on the bows) and visible over 800 metres. "Head torches and dark clothing should be avoided". The Rowing Code p15 has the full guidance.

4. Strength and conditioning a.k.a. fight the Christmas bulge! Personal trainer Dan Kiernan has been leading sessions at the club over the Autumn and will be at the club again this Tuesday evening. Please email Christina if you would like to join in. It doesn't matter if you haven't been before. The sessions are very good for building all-over strength by using your own body weight in controlled movements. They're suitable for everyone. Dan is also available for personal training sessions. Christina can put you in touch with him.

Dan has produced some documents to share across the club. Please ask if you'd like a copy.

  • daily mobility exercises, before the circuits or on their own
  • circuits (controlled motions using own body weight, takes about 30 mins)
  • extra advice for improving squatting mobility
  • "Train well to age well: an anti-ageing strength, health and fitness programme" - this is a short e-book that Dan has written with his advice for maintaining health and wellbeing through strength and mobility training. It's really interesting and I recommend a read!

5.  We had a couple of incidents recently and here are some general reminders arising:

  • please ensure you are positioned correctly at all times. Especially in the fairway - ensure you're to the right of the middle and resist drifting into the middle especially on bends and/or narrow parts. On low tide, cruisers may have to take the centre line so that they don't run aground.
  • if you do have some interactions with other river users please keep things polite even if you think they're in the wrong. Genuine mistakes do happen, and there are often kids about on the river.
  • please do report incidents. It helps the rowing community to learn lessons to keep our sport as safe as possible. It usually takes about 15 minutes to fill the form in and can be in rough format!
  • We will be organising capsize drills in the New Year - stay tuned!

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Yours in a green and gold Christmas jumper
Sarah (assistant secretary) on behalf of FSC management committee and FSC rowing committee

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