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FSC news w/c 25 Jan

Friday, 29th January 2016

Evening all!

hope you've had a good week and looking forward to the weekend whether it be out on the river or otherwise! Looks like the worst of Gertrude will be gone by tomorrow but it is still a moderate wind (c.15 mph, W / SW) both days. And the ebb tide flag is YELLOW again which means 1) no novice crews 2) no small boats out alone 3) no-one above UL or below Barn Elms. No restrictions on the flood tide but with that aforementioned wind, the water could get very choppy.

In lighter news....
ANNUAL DINNER (Sat 13 Feb) - you have around 150 minutes left to grab your ticket by emailing Erika (social(at)furnivall.org). Go for it - it'll be great!

KIT: another reminder that our new kit is now available to buy. Who wouldn't want to be decked out head to toe in mini Hammersmith bridges?! Absolutely more flattering than AK's pink & green harlequin leggings.

FORTHCOMING RACES - DEWAR SHIELD: we will need full FSC contingent out in 8s to reclaim the Dewar Shield on Sunday SEVENTH* Feb! Men's squad please speak to Craig and Olly, girls squad to Christina and sculling group to Nik.

Yes Tideway head season & Boat race mania is almost upon us. Please put the following dates in your diary and full details will follow. We really really need you to help with boating crews, serving teas - lots of jobs but none of them need any prior experience!
Saturday 5 March - women's eights head (12:45 race start - helpers needed from around mid-morning)
Saturday 19 March - men's eights head (13:30 race start - helpers needed from late morning). This one will be mega busy.
Sunday 20 March - vets head (14:00 race start - helpers needed from around noon).
Sunday 27 March - Boat Race (help needed all day - shifts will be available!)

PAST RACES - QUINTIN HEAD: last weekend the men's and women's squads bagged some solid early-season results at one of the traditional warm-ups for (WE)HoRR. The chaps were racing at IM3 and it was great to see all the recent new joiners to the squad pulling on FSC colours. The ladies had two crews out (IM2 and IM3) and bagged the best ever overall result ever for FSC women at this event. The course ran from just before Hammersmith bridge so the crews got some fantastic whooping from the FSC balcony to send them on their way. Alas the finish was not quite so convenient - being actually rather a long way past Chiswick Bridge - which then involved a post-race "paddle" of 4.5 km against the flood tide. Made a good pint all the more tasty afterwards.

SCULLING COURSE: Tideway Scullers' are running a course on 28 March - 1 April for ALL ages and abilities. We've had a few members attend past courses and they are always very highly recommended.

See you around the club!
Sarah (assistant secretary) on behalf of FSC management committee and FSC rowing committee
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* not the 6th as in one of my previous emails. Sunday 6 Feb 2016 is an impossible date.


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