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Furnivall Sculling ClubRowing club based in Hammersmith, London. Established 1896

FSC newsletter w/c 28 Sept

Thursday, 1st October 2015

1. New club-wide coach: we are very pleased to announce the appointment of a new coach at the club: Chris Vannozzi formerly of Twickenham RC and University of Surrey BC at Molesey. He has extensive experience of coaching a wide range of crews, both sculling and sweep, and comes with an impressive CV. Chris will be a resource available to ALL club members and is there to supplement, but not replace, the valuable contribution from our volunteer coaches. He will be at the club on Saturday and Sunday mornings for water sessions and Wednesday evenings for erg sessions and advice. There will be a meet and greet session this Saturday (3rd October) at about 10am in the club room. Chris will outline how he plans to work with the various groups in the club. Please let Sarah know if you'd like to see the slides Chris showed. He is also very keen to get input from all of you so he can best tailor what he has to offer to meet our needs. Please come down - he is there for you whether you are hoping to win multiple pots and medals this season or put in the occasional outing on the Tideway. He's very nice and won't make you erg (unless you want to) :P He'll do another meet & greet if there is the demand - please let us know.
2. Work on the boathouse:
- John Robbins (erg) room: now has a watertight roof again! The final lick of paint has gone on. The room will be back in service Friday evening. Apologies for the lack of notice with that and thanks for your patience. There is temporary space in the club room for erging.
- MANY thanks for everyone's help with the clearout recently. Thanks to Steph, Henry, Sue, Sarah and Mike the stuff all went in a skip yesterday morning so we have plenty of room again.
3. Work to refurb oars and sculls: this is now complete.
We now have:
- 17 pairs of "single" sculls
- 2 sets of matching sculls for quads
- 5 sets of 8 sweep oars (with another 2 sets that can be brought into action if needed).
They have not been repainted but are structurally much more sound. Please let me know by the end of this weekend if you spot any issues. Like the rest of your equipment they are not indestructable so please take care especially when boating and landing on the beach. Push off with feet as much as possible and lie them face-up when boating/landing (better to scuff the back-face than the tips). They have the previous wide range of handle/grip sizes and length measurements which may not be optimal for our needs. We plan to paint them and review the measurements shortly and would appreciate help in doing this. Please contact Sarah if you want this sorting and would like to help (asstsec@furnivall.org)
4. Kit new designs: options to follow shortly from our new kit manager Jen Booth.
5. Charity pub quiz: FSC member Emily Burfoot will be holding this event on Thursday 15 October at 7:30 pm to help raise money for children with severe burns in South Africa (www.abc-challenge.com). Please join us for the evening to help raise money for this great cause, have fun at the club and demonstrate the obscurity of your knowledge! More details to follow on the FSC social diary pages.
6. Stay in touch!
Check out our website www.furnivall.org
Follow us on Twitter: FurnivallSC
Join our Facebook group Furnivall Sculling Club
Feedback always welcome.
Yours in green and gold
Sarah (assistant secretary) on behalf of FSC management committee and FSC rowing committee

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