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Furnivall Annual Dinner - Oh what a night!

Monday, 13th February 2012

What more could you ask for at an Annual Dinner? The venue was amazing and easy to get to for everyone, the food was delicious and the service and staff were great. The DJ belted out the cheesiest of cheese that pulled in everyone onto the dance floor like an incoming tide, some very impressive (and interesting) shapes were thrown! It really was a perfect night.

The hard core revellers went to the ‘after party’ back at the club and helped drink some of the bar stocks. AK members were ending their Burns night party so were invited along too and they joined us for some very impromptu Scottish dancing and ‘strip the willow’ (it's Scottish Dance… There was no stripping involved. Thankfully) and some rather out of tune tributes to Whitney Houston until 3 am...

It was difficult not to feel the love for the club. It was difficult not to feel like you were part of something very special. We were all happy and hungover on Sunday and proud to be part of Furnivall. A club is only great because of the people in it. Thank you to everyone who came.









Congratulations to the following people who went home with awards and recognition for the 2010-11 season:

  • Our former Captain Lisa Kallal was awarded the Goff Centenary award for Sculling, for putting the sculling back into Furnivall Sculling Club. Her continued support for the sculling group, and bringing home medals and pennants galore all whilst Captain.
  • The Peter Mesiah awards for most improved rower went to Gareth from the men's squad and Ingrid from the women's squad.
  • Our volunteer coaches Andy Lincoln and Steven Albrecht and Graeme Smith were recognised for their hard work.
  • Squad captains for 2010-11 Lorna Mitchell, Dan Jenkins and Bob Drakeford were thanked for their hard work.
  • Best New Comer award went to Ariel Cortese.
  • Deep Sea Diver award went to Helmut Mayer and Jim Mundy.
  • The Committee were recognised and thanked for their hard work.
  • Most significant contribution went to Ingrid for her work on our magnificent website which has paid for itself in the way of new members.
  • Steven Albrecht's tireless contribution to the club, his input and dedication was recognised by formally awarding him Furnivall's highest award as Honorary Member.

Finally, the evening could not have happened without the fabulous organisation of Scot Livingstone. Perfect venue and perfect menu choice. We had a great turnout, all down to her. So thank you Scot for a fabulous evening!

If you have any to share, please send photos of the evening to webteam@furnivall.org.

If you didn’t make the Annual Dinner, don't worry, there's more fun on the horizon!


Club Captain


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