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Furnivall Scullers Head results 2011

Thursday, 8th December 2011

By Club Captain Sara Nanayakkara

Congratulations to all our competitors who took part in the Vesta Scullers Head on Saturday 3rd December – 4.25 miles from Mortlake to Putney. The rain held off but the gusty wind didn't help so the conditions were not ideal. We were at least grateful it wasn't as cold as it was in 2010!

Here are the results:

230 – Alfredo Ramos Plasencia – 23:52.40 [MasA.1x]
285 – Lisa Kallal – 24:20.62 [W.MasA.1x]
287 – Richard Holland – 24:22.34 [Nov.1x]
358 – Patrick Kelly – 25:09.04 [MasB.1x]
361 – Leah Janss Lafond – 25:11.01 [W.Mas.Nov.1x]
369 – Carole Hook – 25:16.27 [W.IM3.LWT.1x]
371 – Mike de Paoli – 25:19.64 [Mas.Nov.1x]
386 – Bill Smyth – 25:38.72 [Nov.1x]
392 – Maribel Vazquez Flores – 25:43.55 [W.IM3.LWT.1x]

Well done to Alfredo who's sculling training had been impacted by additional weight lifting of new arrival baby Miguel and gruelling night nappy changing and international work commitments . He still managed to finish in the top 250, which wasn't what he was expecting but given his circumstances we think he did well!

Congratulations also to Lisa who came third in her division finishing 4 seconds behind the winner. If she had entered the correct category for her age she would have won! So not bad considering she was rowing with the kids... Lisa jumped out of her boat soon after to catch a flight to Turkey for a work trip, it was almost as if the Scullers Head was a normal training outing for her! ... That's one way of making sure you get some sleep on the plane!

Special shout to Leah who came second in her division, Women’s Masters Nov, finishing 0.33 seconds behind the winner and for coming off the water saying that she didn't even get out of breath! Leah said it was so stressful during the marshalling that she had to take up ballerina manoeuvres tapping on bow side whilst simultaneously backing with her stroke side blade, to avoid the entanglement of riggers and blades at the start. No fun for a novice (or anyone for that matter). She said “it was all so stressful during marshalling it made the actual race feel like a cakewalk in comparison”.

So talking of cake, Carole is happy that she's now able to eat as much cake as she likes after having to deprive herself since training for Light Weight IM3. She finished 9th in her category and a respectable time of 25:16.27 moving her overall position up 145 places.

Patrick made us all laugh from the balcony – as we all cheered him he turned his head and grinned! He kept looking to see if he could see his wife with us and looked disappointed not to see her, luckily she shouted from Hammersmith Bridge and he started to put the work down again! (Phew!)

Well done to Richard who had all of two days training in the Swift 1x that had gone for repairs and returned in the nick of time. The ‘Andy’ (named after the late Andy Holmes MBE, Furnivall Coach) was the only boat in the club that had shoes big enough for Rich, so he was delighted to get back in it as he had resorted to training feet out! It was Richard’s first time at the Scullers Head and he finished in a very respectable overall position of 287 from starting position of 422. So training ‘feet out’ sculling worked for him!

Mike also completed his first Scullers Head and glided passed the club rating 19. He made it looked like an afternoon paddle and finished 23 places up from his starting position. Mike insists that he was more of a ‘participant’ than a ‘competitor’ and he says his small personal victory was keeping dry and keeping his bow number intact throughout the marshalling. You did well Mike, you beat 3 other ‘participants’ so well done!

Bill entered Novice 1x and finished 22 places up from his starting position so well done to him too.

Congratulations also to Maribel for completing her maiden Scullers Head, finishing just 27 seconds behind Carole having only decided to enter last month.

Special ‘get well’ message to our Big Dave Dearlove who despite having had a serious cycling accident a few months ago and suffering nerve damage to his arm was seriously considering racing... Only two weeks ago he was thinking of racing despite not being able to "feel his right arm"…! We were all were quite relieved to hear that he had decided not to race... Even though he only decided to scratch his entry the day before the race!! That's positive mental attitude for you! … Or is it just mental?!? Dave continues to train and get his fitness levels back so we wish him well for a speedy full recovery.

For full restuls see Vesta Scullers' Head Results 2011.

Well done to all our competitors!

Thank you to everyone who came to support. Special thank you to Mike and Tessa for making delicious homemade cakes to sell. Particular thanks for Ariel for helping with boating and cafe management throughout the day. Our cheese toasties, jacket potatoes and Leak and Potato soups went down a storm for competitors and supporters. Final big thank you also to FSC men’s coach Andy Lincoln who offered to be our mellow-marshal representative from Furnivall. He was easily the mellowest of marshals on the course so thank you Andy!

These events don't happen without the help and support from our volunteers, thank you to all of you for making our club as amazing as it is.


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