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Furnivall Scullers Head results 2012

Wednesday, 19th December 2012

By Michael De Paoli

The results

Tim Hellier - Finish:173, Start: 141, Category: MasB, Time: 23:11.57
Lydia Swift (Bedford RC) - Finish: 426, Start: 250, Category: W.MasB, Time: 26:20.09
Dan Chan - Finish: 217, Start: 300, Category: MasC, Time: 23:32.6
Mike De Paoli - Finish: 102, Start: 447, Category: NOV, Time: 22:39.67
Richard Holland (Army RC) - Finish: 365, Start: 489, Category: NOV, Time: 24:49.10


How it went

In addition to the usual mix of hard men, harder women, and god-damn-those-are-hard calluses, this year’s Scullers Head which took place 8 December featured sunshine, cold temperatures, and some Olympian competition. It also featured some rather unusual results, thanks in no small part to a stream surge that came through the Tideway with no. 400 or so.

In the lead up to the race, Furnivall's training crews saw some of the strongest currents in recent memories, and hopes were high for some HOR4s and HORR beating times. Also, fears for some very dramatic marshalling 'incidents'. Luckily the stream calmed down Saturday morning, as did the week's nasty winds, to made for as near to perfect a day as I've seen for a long time.

On to the racing! In what surprised no one (except maybe some overconfident scullers from down Putney way), Alan Campbell followed up his bronze from London 2012 to win overall, but by only 20 seconds - over a novice! See what I mean by 'unusual results'? And this was by no means a freak result: 4 novices in the top 6, and 10 in the top 100!

Furnivall fielded three scullers, as well as two former members who returned to their second home here in Hammersmith for the day. Tim kicked off our campaign, and crossed the steps at Putney in 23:11.57 - enough for 173rd overall and 9th in the MasB category.

Next up was Lydia (Bedford's RC's very own and bad weather rower at Furnivall (i.e. she comes to us when their river fills up/freezes), who came across the line in 26:20.09 to put her 426th overall and 9th in the W.MasB category.

Dean (top photo, taken by Ben Rodford) was Furnivall's second man up of the day. Along the way, he picked up probably the best photo of the day along with a time of 23:32.66, moving him up from his starting position of 300 up to 2417 overall, and 12th in his division.

I appear to have been Furnivall's lucky star of the day - that's me (bottom photo) on my way to a very, VERY unlikely (in fact, before now I would have said impossible) 102nd place (12th novice 

- how many times can I say 'unusual results'?) in a time of 22:39.67, missing out on a top 100 finish by only 13 hundreths of a second. So much for retiring - now I have to train even harder not to embarrass myself next year!

Last but not least, Rich came back to do the Army proud. Given that he's only stepped into a single 3 times since last year's Head, you know it was never going to be easy, so well done making it through in 24:49.10 - 365th overall and 41st novice. Worth noting he beat a few private scull owners as well who DIDN'T have to borrow a boat at the last minute.

So, a bit of a mixed bag for Furnivall, as it was for just about everyone on the day. Sometimes the Tideway is a bit of a tricky place, sometimes it's miserable, some days it's heaven. Today, it just came off as random.


Michael ‘Lucky 447’ De Paoli

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