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Furnivall wins back the Dewar Shield 2012!

Monday, 6th February 2012

Our annual friendly mini head race between FSC, Sons of the Thames and Auriol Kensington yesterday was not without drama. Thankfully this time, unlike recent head races, it was confined to the bank.

There were questions about safety due to the snow fall from the night before. Ak's captain Tim and I cleared all the snow from the pontoon and walkway and assessed the situation carefully. As the snow was melting we decided it was safe to continue with the race. Someone at Sons, however, disagreed and we (along with some of their members) were very sad that they were not allowed to compete for health and safety reasons. All the snow had melted by 1pm and Furnivall and AK went head to head with 8 VIIIs in total; giving each club an exciting and thrilling opportunity to win overall.

See Dewar Shield 2012 scoring spreadsheet for the times and super congratulations to all our men's and women's crews who fought hard and raced their hearts out to bring back the shield, winning overall. We also won fastest men's crews and fastest women's crews as well. We are all so incredibly proud of you all! Very special thanks to coaches Steve Albrecht, Andy Lincoln and Peter Brewer for helping them get there.

AK put on a great fight with their first men's crews coming in only 3 seconds behind our boys, so well done to them too. They had a novice women's crew out who had never raced before so it was an exciting day for them too. They were all fantastic sports and so lovely to have friendly competition with our neighbours. It's what it's all about after all.

To top off an incredible day, Sons of the Thames members joined us in our club room for the prize giving, and in the true spirit of the event, graciously handed over the almighty Dewar Shield to its new owners. FSC, Sons and AK enjoyed a drink together and we are grateful for having such wonderful neighbours.

The Dewar shield is sitting in the FSC club room currently, please mind your head when you walk in so you don't knock yourself out on it. It's rather large...

These events are not possible without the masses of volunteers who step up. The timing teams were three members from each club on the start and three on the finish and three launch marshals. As Sons had dropped out we were short. One of the original volunteer timers from Sons asked if he could still take part and we were very happy and grateful to Les for offering and joining in the fun. Les assisted the timers at the finish and adjudicated the final scoring. So those who were wondering if I managed to ‘fix’ it for Furnivall to win you can all speak to Les and the AK team if you are in doubt!

Special thanks to our Furnivall (first) timers John, Mandy, Lydia and Johnathan Sunley and also to Peter Ledbrook who suffered engine trouble in our launch. Special thanks to AK timers Derna, Jo, Carolyn and launch driver Richard (who rescued Peter).

Thank you to all the cake makers who donated cakes and cookies. The amazing spread was all homemade and utterly delicious! Thank you to everyone who came along and helped.

It is great practise for the big head races coming, and we can't wait! Now, what on earth do we do with that (ugly) shield?... Rod said he likes it because it's got unicorns on it...?!


See you all at the dinner on Saturday, we are almost up to 70 people! It is still not too late if you want to come, email Scot at social@furnivall.org and pay up quick.

Club Captain

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