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HoRR abandoned

Saturday, 29th March 2014

The race was abandonded after the first 75 crews crossed the finish line, due to dangerous conditions causing swampings at Putney.

Our guys will be in action at the Head of the River Race this Saturday and would really appreciate your support from the balcony at that crucial halfway stage. They'll be starting at position # 343, so should be passing Furnivall at around 3:45 p.m. The race itself starts at 2:15 p.m.

The crew say that they're "cautiously optimistic" despite not having as many outings thanks to the recent river conditions.

Furnivall going for the overtake at HoRR 2012

Here are the guys (and girl) who would love a big Furnivall cheer on Saturday:

  • Scotland "the rage" Livingstone
  • Roderick "the metronome" Griffiths
  • Andrew "the American" Brown
  • David "the legs" Allen
  • Brian "the shamrock" Canty
  • Daniel "the arms" Jenkins
  • Jonathan "the bum" Stoddart
  • Solomon "the baked goods" Peters
  • Anthony "just at Shepherd's Bush" Huggins.

What's more, we'll need lots of help from our members to help our forty visiting crews to boat and land safely and timely. Please also bring any cakes, sandwiches or other goodies that you'd like to donate so we can help feed all our supporters and visitors. We'd also love your help to sell teas, coffees and well-earned beers at the bar.

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