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It's Tideway head season time again!

Thursday, 13th October 2016

Meri & Jess in the 2014 Pairs Head

So the days are getting shorter and the Tideway is getting choppier but we're very glad to see the first of the Tideway heads this Sunday, with the Pairs Head! Like the Book of Genesis, they'll be coming in pairs and there will be a flood (tide) but we hope the biblical analogy ends there and God spares his wrath by, for instance, keeping winds below 10 mph.

Furnivall are very pleased to have three boats racing this year. Luka and Florent are excited about their first race together, in the nov 2x category (number 109). Mike and Olli, who've been racing in regattas this summer, go off at number 91 in IM3 2x. And Meri and Jess (number 410, W.IM2 2-) love the Pairs Head so much they'll be racing it for their third consecutive year!

Jess says there'll be lots of familiar pairs from previous races but the big difference this year is the race is "backwards", from Harrods to Chiswick marina. To make up for racing on a speedier incoming tide, the course is also longer! So there'll be a new steering line for our crews to get their heads around as well as needing some extra juice from the legs and lungs.

It would be great to have lots of cheering from the balcony so please do come down to shout like crazy things, and give our crews a good send off down the course. The race starts at 12:30 and judging by the draw, Luka and Florent should pass FSC not long after 12:45 followed by Mike and Olli soon after. Then get a beer or two from the bar so that you are nice and shouty for Meri and Jess to go past at some point after 13:45. Best of luck crews!

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