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Kingston Small Boats Head

Sunday, 6th November 2016

Our men's novice 4+ from KSBH 2015

Our crews will be heading up to the quieter* reaches of the Thames this Saturday for Kingston Small Boats Head.

We have the following crews racing (race number):

Division 1 (10.30)
WIM2 4- Jess, Nettles, Fiona, Meri (#58)
WNov 4+ Kate, Lucy, Sadie, Sarah, Lydia (c) (#146)

Division 2 (14.00)
WIM2 4+ Christina, Charlotte, Kate, Lenne, Sarah (c) (#421)
WIM1 2- Meri, Jess (#427)
MxMas 2x Sue, Rob (#412)

We are very pleased to welcome Kate, Sadie and Rob to the crews, since they are racing for FSC for the first time!

We had some good results at this event last year and hoping to better them this year! And can anyone better last year's IM2 1x winner Mike in the headwear department?

* [not so much if you remember the wind tunnel that was KSBH 2014 - Ed.]

Results update (06/11/2016):

Full results are available on the Kingston RC website. Here's a summary of results for our crews:

Crew Time Rank in category
W.IM1.2- 23:53 [1] #2 of 3
Mx.Mas.2x 24:53 [2] #3 of 4
W.IM2.4- 21:59 #3 of 3
W.Nov.4+ 23:17 #3 of 3
W.IM2.4+ 23:13 #4 of 5





[1] Only 2.7 seconds behind the category winners!
[2] Handicap time 24:22



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