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Novice pots for the guys!

Monday, 2nd May 2016

Last Saturday the mens squad had their first regatta of the season at Chiswick Amateur. We had three crews entered - an IM3 VIII, a novice VIII and a novice IV+ - the latter coming away with their novice pots!

The novice IV+ had a healthy mix of heroics and comedy value, all the necessary ingredients for a true novice win. The controversy started when the crew pushed off for their first race. Charles lost a flip flop in the process with Sarah (a.k.a. Maz) casually disregarding his plight.

After a comfortable win in the heat, the Furnivall boys were up against two school boy crews in the final. To which coach Craig's response was "oh well". Martin recounts the race: "it started well but the school lads pushed away. However once we lengthened our stroke, we pulled back and overtook. Continual shouts from Maz of "only 10 strokes left" turned out to be absolute lies but she redeemed herself with the reminder for us that rowing is about the legs, legs, legs, legs, legs....". In Sarah's defence she says that her vocabulary departed due to extreme excitement at being in the lead! Sarah was proud of the guys, saying that they showed "dogged determination to outpace the other crew who were right behind them".

The IM3 VIII were up against an extremely strong crew in their heat from King's School Canterbury. The school boys flew off the start but Furnivall managed to hold them until some mystery wash hit them which knocked them off their rhythm. 

The novice VIII faced crews from St.Paul's and Thames in their heat. The latter were a very good novice crew who had clearly been training hard all season. Our boys lost out to both crews but acknowledged the benefit of getting some more racing experience. 

Crew lists:

Novice IV+: Sarah, Martin, Charles, Sam, Dominic
IM3 VIII: Erika, Mike, David, Olly, Martin, Craig, Nick, Charles, Oli
Novice VIII: Erika, Martin, Dom, Olly, Sam, Charles, Max, Dario, Sarah

Coach: Craig Leaper

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