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Quintin Head results and photos

Friday, 27th January 2012

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the Quintin Head on Saturday 28 January. We had 27 competitors out on the water for FSC, a men's VIII (IM3) and two women's VIII (IM2 and IM3). This was a great practice opportunity for everyone.

Furnivall IM3 - 14 min. 56.7 sec.
Furnivall WIM3 - 15 min. 24.3 sec.
Furnivall WIM2 - 16 min. 14.3 sec.

Special well done to the women's IM2 crew who had to stop and hold it up to avoid ploughing into a UAE boat. Our cox and crew were fuming as the crew in front cut into their line and proceeded to catch an almighty crab directly in front of them, grinding everyone to a halt. What is it with these crews who decide to stop right in front of us? Kamakazi rowing?!?

It was nice to see so many Furnivall-istas in kit on the water. There's a great atmosphere in the club between all the squads and we like it lots.

Scot took loads of photos of the race - see Quintin Head 2012 photos.

Results and official photos can be found on the Quintin Head 2012 Results webpage.

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