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Race report: Molesey Regatta, 20 July 2013

Saturday, 20th July 2013

Today saw a delegation of future Furnivall old boys deciding to fly in the face of recent history and attend a regatta which didn't involve the M4. It did involve, however, the A4, A316, A311 and A308 (data supplied by Dan Jenkins, our very own southwest London road atlas), taking us to a warm but initially rather cloudy Molesey on the banks of the Thames. A missed approach to the car park involved an unhitching of the trailer and a rather ignominious manual manoeuvring across the grass but did at least allow Scot the experience of driving an automatic.

We had a whole plethora of crews racing: an IM3 4+, a masters 4-, novice 4+ and a 2x racing at IM3 and novice levels. We also erected a fantastic enclosure, complete with the Furnivall flag resplendent.

No early bath

Mike, Rob, Dan, Jonathan and cox Scot jumped readily out of their beds at 5:30 a.m. for the very first race of the day in the IM3 IV+. They were facing a Twickenham crew who were equally determined not to be the first sent home. Luckily, Furnivall had the better start and would have taken it easily had Twickenham not forced a restart with some unconvential steering leading them into the moored houseboats. Our crew maintained the same standard in the re-start, squeezing out open water before settling in for a comfortable win in a time of 3:31.

The second round saw FSC get a measure of revenge on our Hammersmith neighbours Sons' of the Thames, for the recent race at Richmond regatta. A sharp and smooth start allowed Furnivall to row through Sons' quickly off the staggered start. They held onto a length's lead for the rest of the race and finished in a time of 3:30.


After watching the Gloriana process downriver, and wondering how the vessel continued to move when the rowers had shipped their oars (answer: it has an engine), our men took to the water for the semi-final. This pitted them against Guildford RC, who put up much more of a fight than Twickenham or Sons'.  Furnivall clawed back Guildford’s one-length lead and it was neck-and-neck over the finish line. Both crews crossed the line in a time of 3:29 although the verdict was in the favour of the very worthy Guildford crew. As a consolation, the race did go down to the last stroke and produced the fastest race of the day for the category.

The afternoon saw the novice 4+ crew (Angelo, Callum, Brian and Will, with Scot coxing) do battle with HSBC. Following a string of excellent performances at Richmond and in training, the prospect was very good for our crew. Unfortunately, the river traffic gods had different ideas and a spinning cruiser gave our boys a chance to shelter HSBC's crew from the substantial wash. Furnivall put in a valiant charge in the last quarter of the course but alas it was not enough to prevent HSBC taking the heat by a canvas. This did, however, give the boys a chance to enjoy the sun. We lost Brian for a while, but he eventually reassured us that he had spent the afternoon "drinking heavily".

Nifty masters

The afternoon also saw our IM3 coxless IV take on Twickenham. The wily nature of masters' events means that age is the main consideration, not points, and so it turned out that FSC were pitted against a boat seemingly comprising former Olympians. Well, this was never actually established but it was the only explanation for the result, which was an easy (very easy) win for the Twickenham boat. And so, the squad repaired to the Furnivall enclosure (pictured above) to conserve energy for the next round of cheering...

Christian (L) and Nik (R) being honoured for exceptional athleticism by the Lord Mayor of Molesey

Double winners!

Saving the best for last, Nik and Christian pulled out an absolute barnstormer to pummel their opposition in the first round of the novice 2x. At 100 metres to the finish, we thought it more appropriate to congratulate them rather than push them on any harder. The next round was even better, seeing our double knock their opponents clean out of existence! Okay, so technically it was a row-over. Still... a win's a win. The last round threatened to prove a challenge, but lo and behold, Furnivall gained a comfortable lead over Ardingly, practically paddling their way to a leisurely victory and perpetual glory. Well done guys!

With many thanks to Mike and Jonathan for the race report.


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