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Race report: Richmond Amateur Regatta, 29 June 2013

Sunday, 30th June 2013

Photo courtesy of CathrynOne of our women's coxed fours triumphantly lost their novice statuses at Richmond regatta yesterday! Congratulations to Tania, Cathryn, Paulina, Roma and to Ben who steered them to victory ahead of eight other crews in the category.

Our men's novice IV+ were also in action: Callum, Angelo, Brian, Tom and cox Anthony similarly made it through to the final of their event. A head-to-head with Tideway neighbours resulted in the spoils going narrowly to Sons of the Thames. However, in Sons' words, we made them work for it. Special congratulations to the crew members from the beginners' class of 2012 who were experiencing their first ever race.

'First regatta experience'

Another of our novice women's coxed fours (Meri R, Jess F, Emma H, Nicola and Becca coxing) were also racing, with a first round against Sons of the Thames. Jess F provides an insight into the day: "We started with a frantic entry onto the landing stage with umpires shouting and long queues of boats. We hurried on our way, weaving in-between crews and leaving no time to check equipment ...uh oh! To add to this delay, a strong wind and stream made it difficult to stay attached to the stake boats. After our third attempt, the umpire gave up and called the start of the race. Being our first regatta, this came as something of a surprise! We started in a fairly frantic way and our panicked state was exaggerated as the cox of Sons screamed so loud that we thought we were all in extreme danger! One minute in, a blade came out of a gate. After a quick fix, we tried to regain our rhythm but Sons had pulled too far ahead to be caught. Needless to say we were mentally and physically exhausted from our first regatta experience!"

The IV of Meri, Jess, Emma, Nicola and Becca were joined by Jiyoon, Liz, Victoria and Erika to compete in the IM3 VIII category. Jess again tells us about the races: "The heat against our neighbours Auriol Kensington was a very short race! Our start was a little panicked again, with us reaching a rating of 38; something that the majority of us had never done before. After ten strokes the umpire was waving his white flag to warn AK. This then suddenly changed to a red flag as AK steered into lane and we clashed blades. Our opposition were disqualified, leaving us to cross the finish line at a leisurely rating of 23. This didn't stop the Furnivall contingent shouting encouragement, albeit with slight confusion!"

'Third time lucky'

The VIII was now through to face Kingston in the final; Jess continues the report: "Third time lucky! With good time on the water before the start of the race, we linked up to the stake boats easily and started with a nice controlled rhythm, settling to a rate of about 32. The rhythm was good, people could put work down and didn't seem to be shortening up. This meant that we could keep pace with Kingston and started to close in at the end of the race. When we finished everyone was ecstatic that we had avoided the dramas of the previous races, held a good rate and rhythm and kept pace with a very good IM3 crew. You can see this by the grins on our faces in quite a few of the photos from the finish line. Not bad for a predominantly novice crew at their first regatta!"



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