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WEHoRR 2019

Sunday, 17th March 2019

Well the aim of this news report was to tell you about the stunning results of the women's squad at WEHoRR 2019. Sadly the race had to be cancelled the night before due to a forecast of 40+mph gusts of wind, which in fact did materialise. Thank you to the organisers for their valiant efforts to try and put on a race, even with a limited field. However, when the Tideway says no, most of the time that really means no!

Commiserations to our two crews, listed & pictured below, who've worked so hard all season and were looking forward to a good romp down the course. And also a shout out to Koza from our development squad, who was going to be racing with Fitzwilliam College Cambridge in her first Tideway Head.

Fear not though: most of us will be in action for the Vets Head on Sunday 31 March, so see you then. And of course we have two Furnivall men's crews racing at HoRR on Saturday 30 March. Please do come down to support them and club members to help out with the visiting crews. In the meantime, get busy with your sacrifices to the river and weather gods... we hear they're fans of hob-nobs (chocolatey, not plain).

Women's 1st VIII Women's 2nd VIII
Cox: Sarah M Cox: Julian
S: Jess S: Val
7: Sarah L 7: Nettles
6: Meri 6: Aly
5: Fiona 5: Charlotte
4: Tina 4: Lara
3: Lucy 3: Becca
2: Dora 2: Mazza
B: Hannah B: Maddie


The women's squad pictured the weekend before the cancelled race (here, also unable to boat because of a grumpy river) Our head coach Selin and W1 cox Sarah enjoying life at a Tideway club in a gusty March!


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