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WEHORR and Hammersmith Head results

Monday, 5th March 2012

 Women's Head of the River - Saturday 4 March 2012

Really fabulous show from both our crews entered for the WEHORR this year.

Congratulations to our first boat who came 90th overall (287 crews competed) racing in division IM3, coxed by Becca. Of the 21 boats in the ‘Club’ category they came 4th. Overall our girls finished 15th out of 114 in the IM3 category which really is a result to be proud of. So well done to everyone! They came home with a time of 22:26.37.

The IM2 crew finished with a time of 22:54.99 moving up from 196 to 127 overall coxed by Ben Z they too had a good row. Another great result for our second boat who were only 28 seconds behind the first crew. 

 Thank you to Lisa who was waiting at the finish with bags of sweets and lollipops which were received with great excitement! And thank you to the men's squad who cheered from the balcony and waited to greet the girls when they came home and bring their blades in.

Big thank you and congratulations to coach Steve Albrecht who has worked tirelessly with both crews. Steve said “I think the results confirm that if we maintain land training and continue to tweak technique, then we have the potential to be competitive for summer racing. So well done for putting in the hours of winter training as it puts us in a good position to enjoy the regattas ahead”.

Also massive thank you and shout of appreciation to women's squad captain Fiona Harris who's organisational skills, motivation and drive helped everyone get through the cold dark winter training.

The shift in focus begins. Our women's crew start the regatta season with a spring in their step. Furnivall has demonstrated that it is possible to perform well without giving up your life completely AND it is possible to enjoy the rowing whilst having a life. Ahhh, balance. Well done to everyone! 


Hammersmith Head - Sunday 5 March 2012

Well done the to the boys on Sunday. Conditions were windy and cold in contrast to Saturday. The heavens really did descend on them just as they left the FSC pontoon. We noticed AK got pulled up for poor heel restraints in their boat - a reminder to always check well before boating. FSC came to the rescue though... It's always good to have friendly neighbours. 

During marshalling our boys witnessed a crew get washed down by the opening of the sewage outlet opposite UL during the down pour. A raw reminder to all that it is always a good idea to use the antibacterial hand wash after you have been on the water...

Well done to our B crew who demonstrated that big ergs don't necessarily make you faster on the water. Furnivall B crew beat Furnivall A by a mere blink of an eye, both crews coming home in 13:04, but the B faster by 0.7 seconds! Well done to everyone who took part. Their time shows that the men's squad are improving and there is nothing like a race to focus the mind. This is great practise for the real thing on 17 March, the Head of the River Race. 

The men and women racing crews enjoyed post race beers and pizza at the club on Saturday and Sunday. We're looking forward to the big race on the 17 March. Go Furnivall!

Club Captain

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