Furnival Sculling Club

Furnivall Sculling ClubRowing club based in Hammersmith, London. Established 1896

The Furnivall squads

Despite our name we are are not just a sculling club, we also specialise in sweep rowing too. Whether you are a competitive sweep rower or sculler with ambitions for Henley or a win at a regional regatta, we have a squad for you. And if you just want to paddle on the river with like-minded souls, maintain your fitness and keep your hand in the sport, we will have a group that does that too.

If you have never sat in a boat before (and have no idea what the difference is between sweep rowing and sculling), then great, come and enquire about our structured beginner courses. If you sign up, we will get you to a level where you can join one of our squads.

Our aim is to ensure that we find the group that best suits you. Depending on your ability, your level of commitment and what you want to achieve, we’ve got it all going on at Furnivall!

Find out more about the women's squadmen's squad or recreational sculling squad.


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